Flat Life
With this series of photos, I have explored abstraction and the concept of ‘Flat Life’, focusing on the homogeneity of social housing and tower-blocks. 
Arguably, design for modern life has the aim reducing our thinking time: we live in an image saturated, overstimulated world which demands our concentration at every juncture. Architecturally, we have adapted to living in spaces that are easily understood: tall rows and columns of uniform apartments, designed to look, feel and be experienced in the same way. 
Artists like Andreas Gursky capture this sensation with photographs of flattened apartment buildings that fill the frame, giving the audience a heightened, surreal version of their every day environments. I approached this concept by using my own photographs of ‘Flat Life’, and visually translating into collages to become more like abstract pattern than the original buildings that they represent. 
For each of the photographs I have selected, there is a corresponding collage. These collages are representative of my personal visual translation of what was a 3D space into an abstracted, flattened image.
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